Thursday, May 13, 2010

PROJECT 1: Hand Appliqué Baby Onesies

My very first project for The Earthly Creative is hand appliqué baby onesies. I find onesies absolutely adorable so they make the perfect canvas for this project! They also offer so many different options to do with colour and theme. I have begun with an animal theme in particular different breeds of dogs and cats.

So I begin with a 100% cotton white onesies and an assortment of brightly coloured fabric in lots of different patterns. Bolder patterns tend to work better on less detailed shapes and smaller patterns for more detailed shapes, so that the pattern does not get lost in the detail. Below are my first four designs, two cats and two dogs. The first shows the design just before I have finished the hand-sewn blanket stitch around the edges.

All of the material plus onesies are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage and create colour-fast garments. The additional fabric is shaped and attached to the onesies with a product called Trans-web which is a type of adhesive which becomes fusible when heated. Each design is then hand-sewn around the edges to ensure it is tightly secured to the garment and reduce fraying of edges. All these designs will be available for purchase in my two online stores (one Australian and one American).

You can find the Earthly Creative Stores at:
This is the part of the Australian online, handmade market called Only Australian residents can purchase items from madeit, if you are from another country please refer to the link below for my Etsy store.
This is part of the American online, handmade market called People from America as well as other countries can purchase from

All the items I will have for purchase are created in a friendly, smoke-free and clean environment. All garments have been pre-washed, however it is advised to wash items before wear and to wash with similar colours :)

With the designs applied to the baby onesies I am hoping to be able to set up a system to offer a customised service where you will be able to request a particular breed of dog or cat (or any other animal) and a colour theme preference with the fabric and I will create your own one-of-a-kind garment which would be adorable to tie in with your very own family pets or those of a friend for a gift! At this stage email or comment if you have any requests!!

* I am also experimenting with this concept on bibs, I will post a picture of stage one on that concept below. Shown below is a Dachshund design on a baby bib, before hand stitching around edges is complete. This design matches one of the 'Dachshund' dog onesie design above.

Please feel free to comment on this post if you have any feedback or would like some further information.

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