Friday, February 18, 2011

Handmade Earthly Creative Swap

After receiving such an enthusiastic response about who would like to be involved in an Handmade Earthly Creative Swap we have decided to get the ball rolling and post up a little bit of information about the proposed swap. A few people are curious as to how the whole swap works so hopefully I can answer those questions here.

Basically we are hoping to get as many people involved as possible, the more the merrier after all! And it comes down to the concept of hand making something for another person, who you may not necessarily know, but making that item full of love to send to your partner and you in return will also receive a hand made gift made from love. I have taken part in a few of these swaps and they have been very successful. Obviously the success of the swap rests upon the concept that all participants make a thoughtful gift, sending it to their partner and in turn receive a parcel. If some one takes part but does not send their parcel off before the due date, then that action in turn will cause someone elses unhappiness, and nobody wants that!

So the concept of this very first Earthly swap is to create a care package that creates a smile... care packages are made up of beautiful things that are sent to those that need a little bit of comfort, but sometimes in our busy lives we all need a little care. It doesn't need to be a lot of things, more so thoughtful, made with love and sent to your partner. I am thinking some sort of box, something that everyone can access to fill with a few goodies and post. I thought of a shoe box, however was not sure if that was too big, so was thinking of another idea... would love suggestions and find out what you think!

'Handmade' will include ALL types of handmade, so not just sewing. This may be handmade jewelry or a set of handmade tealight candles or perhaps handmade wooden lettering. I just wanted to let you know that you don't need to be able to sew something to be involved, all styles of handmade are most welcome!!

Now for the Earthly twist, as we are committed to supporting the environment where possible, using recycled or organic materials, so this theme will be central to the swap. All this means is you need to include an eco aspect to your care package. This might be some organic filling in a softie, or an item made from materials of a pre-loved piece of clothing or buttons from an old bag. It doesn't all need to necessarily be organic or recycled, but does need to be incorporated in some way. Lets get creative and see what we can come up with!

Ok, before this post becomes an essay, I will leave it there. Still gathering interest, anyone is welcome to participate so talk to your friends, invite them over (or to the Earthly facebook page). The next swap post will give more detailed information, including an email address to send in your name, to be part of the swap and some questions for you to give your partner a little heads up about yourself :)

Please please, I would love for you to comment on this post, let me know your thoughts and ideas!

Bec ~The Earthly Creative

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